PalVision enhances Guest experience with the latest in-hotel technologies

PalAir enables guests to stream their own media from various portable devices directly onto the in-room televisions to take advantage of the latter's larger screen size and better audio capabilities. According to Ravinder Pal, CEO of PalVision Corp, "Employing the use of BYOC and BYOD technologies, PalAir provides guests with an avenue to enjoy their own content on the much larger in-room TV sets. By allowing guests to project their preferred content onto the large in-room TVs, PalAir assists hoteliers create a home-within-a-home environment for their clientele."

Virtual Concierge

Utilizing video conferencing technologies, Virtual Concierge enables the Concierge personnel or a call agent to communicate visually with guests by pushing media and information like way-finding and more in real-time to television and tablet screens. Guests can then take away such information via email, SMS or print via a hotel's business centre.

"The guests of today demand information instantly and don't really have the patience to go to the concierge desk to retrieve, for instance, a hard-copy brochure or flyer. However, pre-programmed systems like digital signage kiosks placed in lobbies cannot cater to all sorts of requests. We have developed a unique system that provides guests with a convenient way to retrieve 'common requests' quickly but which allows hotel administrators to step in and assist with the less-common requests on a digital platform", comments Ravinder Pal.

About Palvision

PalVision is a global One-Stop Shop focused on developing converged technology solutions for hotels, resorts & the cruise-liner industry. Founded in 2005 by team which pioneered the introduction of free-to-guest video solutions in Australia and Singapore in 1985, Palvision started life as a software development company and supplied many of the regional hospitality firsts. Today, Palvision has established itself as the only company providing complete and customized end-to-end solutions from a single source - providing Hoteliers with the ability to reliably connect to their customers in the shortest time, and bringing unique and interactive experiences to such guests.

Contact Information
Ederlyn Monicar
Palvision Corporation