PalVision becomes leading finalist in Sri Lanka Tourism 2.0 to honour the best in hospitality solutions

SRI LANKA, 7 June 2013 - Palvision Corporation Pte. Ltd, the innovative leader of hospitality solutions, announced today that it was selected as one of the leading finalists in the Sri Lanka Tourism 2.0 event. Jointly organized by AMCHAM Sri Lanka and SLASSCOM, this event was held to look for an innovative and compelling solutions and services that could spur the Sri Lankan Tourism industry to leap frog in becoming the destination of choice.

According to the organisers, the key outcomes expected through this event are to: facilitate for the hospitality sector to find best in class solutions available in Sri Lanka that will enable to attract, service and retain guests; facilitate meaningful engagement between such solution providers companies and hotels to help accelerate innovation and adoption; and recognize best in class solutions servicing the hospitality sector.

PalVision was selected as a finalist based on following set of criteria, namely, that its solutions enhance and manage top line enablers in terms of improving revenue, enhancing guest experience, fostering brand loyalty and finally optimising cost management.

"We are delighted to have been selected as a leading finalist," said Mr Ravinder Pal, CEO of PalVision Corporation Pte Ltd, who continued, "Our solutions were designed through everyday work in the hospitality industry as well as feedback from our hospitality friends and consultants alike. Our systems are intended assist hoteliers, not the other way round, and this event has recognised this achievement. We are happy that our contributions are being recognised and look forward to carrying on the good work in this regard".

About Palvision

PalVision is a global One-Stop Shop focused on developing converged technology solutions for hotels, resorts & the cruise-liner industry. Founded in 2005 by team which pioneered the introduction of free-to-guest video solutions in Australia and Singapore in 1985, Palvision started life as a software development company and supplied many of the regional hospitality firsts. Today, Palvision has established itself as the only company providing complete and customized end-to-end solutions from a single source - providing Hoteliers with the ability to reliably connect to their customers in the shortest time, and bringing unique and interactive experiences to such guests.

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