PalVision sets up European headquarters in London, UK

SINGAPORE, 19 November 2013 - Palvision Corporation Pte. Ltd, a leading provider of innovative hospitality solutions, is proud to announce the setting up of a London-based entity to serve as a regional headquarters to the European market. Said Mr Peter Price, Director of PalVision UK, "The UK serves as a gateway to the rest of Europe and we look forward to delivering our new and improved solutions to the European market. We believe that we are well-placed to compete with the big players, given our recent developments and the fact that we literally operate the world's largest hospitality system deployment in Macau." European hoteliers interested in PalVision's solutions are invited to direct all inquiries to Mr Peter Price at

About Palvision

PalVision is a global One-Stop Shop focused on developing converged technology solutions for hotels, resorts & the cruise-liner industry. Founded in 2005 by team which pioneered the introduction of free-to-guest video solutions in Australia and Singapore in 1985, Palvision started life as a software development company and supplied many of the regional hospitality firsts. Today, Palvision has established itself as the only company providing complete and customized end-to-end solutions from a single source - providing Hoteliers with the ability to reliably connect to their customers in the shortest time, and bringing unique and interactive experiences to such guests.

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