Deliver your message to your target audience with PalSignage, a cutting-edge digital signage solution comprising a complete spectrum of digital signage displays, ranging from LEDs to Touch-Screen Kiosks and Videowalls.

PalSignage will revolutionize the way your guests connect with hotel management - increasing brand recognition, expediting return-on-investment and fostering greater customer satisfaction.
PalSignage encompasses a complete range of digital signage solutions (hardware and software) from one trusted, hospitality solutions provider:
  • 14" to 84" LED Displays
  • Floor-standing indoor and outdoor kiosks
  • Touch-screen wayfinders
  • Videowalls
PalSignage is highly customisable, with endless layout formats to display any and all of the following:
  • Images and descriptive text
  • Internet feeds including news bulletins, exchange rates and more
  • Live TV, Cloud TV and Stored video content
PalSignage is highly scalable and deployable in a variety of settings, from single-unit displays to 100s or even 1,000s of displays with local or cloud-based management services, making it the only signage solution that can be truly customized to your needs and budget.
With full integration with our PalTV solution, PalSignage provides guests with touch-screen and automatic access to all key Hotel Services and eConcierge and more— all of which can be customized for an exciting new way to maximise in-hotel time for enhanced productivity and maximum returns.

Key features:
  • Touch-Screen access to Daily Events, Services,
  • Promotions, Hotel Maps, Menus and more
  • Hotel Contacts (General Manager, Public Relations, Guest Services)
  • Public Information (news, weather, flight schedules, clock & more)
  • City Guide / Explore
  • Customized screen designs
  • Hotel staff manages content through a web interface
With the My Hotel programme, you can effortlessly promote all your services and facilities, and display key information in all public area TV screens.

Key features:
  • Instant access to Daily Events, Hotel Services Promotions, Hotel Exchange Rates and more
  • Scrolling News Bulletins, Local Weather & more
  • Multiple and scheduled content in one single screen
  • Supports different formats (images, videos, text, TV channels)
  • Customized screen designs and different layouts for different public area TV screens even with single centralised server
  • Hotel staff manages content through a web interface
E-Meeting keeps conferences attendees and guests updated with the latest information about scheduled events or meetings in progress throughout your hotel premises, as well as supporting the promotion of any hotel service or special offers planned for the week.

Key features:
  • Instant access to scheduled & on-going events
  • General screen displaying all the meeting rooms events
  • Dedicated screens for each meeting room with detailed information
  • Advertisement platform for the event organizers
  • Hotel services presentation and promotion
  • Customized screen designs
  • Hotel staff manages content through a web interface
In Wayfinder mode, you can offer guests with directional information of your property and simultaneously displaying other information such as promotions and more.

Key features:
  • Directional/Navigational Information with QR code integration
  • 360 deg Virtual Tour integration
  • Optional access to Promotions, Scrolling News Bulletins, Local Weather & more
  • Hotel services presentation and promotion
  • Customized screen designs
  • Hotel staff manages content through a web interface